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Computers & Printing

Computer Lab

Open 24/7 to students in the Communication major, the Computer Lab area features iMacs with a standard suite of software. Computer usage is on a first-come, first-serve basis. The lab is also equipped with color and b/w laser printers and copy center supplies.

Conference room + Lounge

Collaborative Study Spaces

Collaborative spaces include the lounge and the conference room. The lounge is located just inside the entry of Scott 235 and features sofa seating and self-service equipment lockers. Beverages are permitted within this area, but not in the adjacent computer lab area. The conference room is equipped with a smart TV and videoconferencing capabilities and can be reserved for a class or class project.


High-End Video Processing

Edit Bays

The studios are equipped with three private edit bays, complete with Mac mini M2 computers, dual monitor setups, a 4K client viewing monitor, professional studio monitors, and Adobe Premiere Pro. USB-C hubs are also available for students who wish to edit or screen footage from their personal laptops. Currently, the edit bays are available on a first-come, first-serve basis for Film and Visual Storytelling students. Communication students in other concentrations can request studio usage.

Recording + Mixing

Audio Suite

The audio suite consists of a recording bay suitable for voiceover and foley and a mixing booth with a Mac Pro, studio monitors, FocusRite Scarlett, Adobe Audition and Pro Tools. Students in the Film and Visual Storytelling concentration can use the suite on a first-come, first-serve basis, but for longer projects and foley recording, reservations and configurations requests can be booked. Student in other concentrations can also request to use the suite.

Cyclorama studio stage

Insert Stage

The studios contain a 20’x10′ white cyclorama insert stage. Black and chroma key green backgrounds are also installed. A chroma key foam flooring option is available upon request. All students must request to use the stage, so that it can be configured properly by MediaHub staff prior to use.