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Student Resources

Tutorials, Handbooks, Workshops!

Browse below for helpful resources for your creative projects while you are at Vanguard and beyond. This page is always a work in progress, with resources being added all the time.

Student filmmakers, pay special attention to the section just for you. You’ll find all you need to get you started making films at Vanguard.

And if there’s not a resource here that you need, ask for it–and as always, don’t forget you can make appointments with the MediaHub staff for personalized support.

For All Creatives

Adobe Creative Cloud

If you are just getting started with your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, here’s a helpful link to the great training resources offered by Adobe. If you need help activating your license (all VU Communication majors get one), reach out to the MediaHub team!

Workshops + Events

The MediaHub hosts regular events featuring special guests, industry experts, helpful how-to’s….and more! Check the calendar for the current schedule of events and follow on Instagram for live updates.

Content Library

The MediaHub is working on creating a video library of past workshops and SPOTLIGHT events, as well as helpful video tutorials in digital skills. Help us build the library: contribute your ideas and requests for topics, guests and more!

For Filmmakers

Production Handbook

Student filmmakers at Vanguard University must follow the guidance and policies in the Production Handbook. The handbook contains many useful links, templates and production advice. This is your comprehensive guide to filmmaking as a VU student!

Get Portfolio Project Approval

Students who wish to use film equipment for non-class projects must submit an official request to register their project as a portfolio project. This is to ensure that all filmmaking activities are covered by insurance and that you (and the gear!) are kept safe.

Portfolio Project Authorization Form

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Project Info

Describe your project and explain why it will benefit your professional portfolio and career goals.
Equipment Request
Enter each equipment item you are requesting, along with the date(s) it is needed. Use the item names from equipment checkout. For example, don't just say "lights," specify which lighting kit you need.
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Reserve the Studio

Interested in reserving the studio/stage for a film project? Studio reservations for film projects can occur on weekends and include the entire studio so that your production is not interrupted. The MediaHub staff will review your request and respond.

Start Creating

Ready to start making your masterpiece? Check out the tools and equipment you need from the friendly MediaHub staff. You’ll need skills badges to check out certain equipment items, but cameras, laptops, and more are available to you from day one!